When a train that weighs hundreds of tons crashes into a car on the tracks, the damage will always be catastrophic. With such dangerous machines, it is absolutely essential to have safety rules in place to make sure that nobody is hurt from a train collision.

Unfortunately, people do not always follow the safety rules, and people get hurt. There are over 2,000 collisions at railway crossings each year in the U.S. If someone is injured or killed in a railway crossing collision, whoever is responsible for the harm should compensate the victim or the victim’s family.

There are many people or organizations that may be responsible for this collision by not following rules that have been put in place to protect people.

  • The city or county in charge of maintaining safe roadways
  • The company who operates the train
  • The company who maintains the tracks
  • The driver of the vehicle
  • The company who designed the train or the tracks
  • The company who designed the signs and warning signals
  • The company who designed the train

It is often difficult to determine exactly what went wrong with a train accident, but it’s important to act quickly to preserve evidence and to find out who is responsible. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a train accident, the personal injury attorneys at Wells, Call, Clark, Bennett, & Clawson will help you receive just compensation for your loss.