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Our attorneys understand the importance of helping injured victims after an accident. By holding negligent parties accountable for dangerous conduct, we make the community a safer place.

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Injured? Call A Fairfield Personal Injury Attorney You Can Trust

It can be overwhelming when you experience a personal injury. You may face financial burdens from being unable to go to work while you prepare for the cost of court. If you need medical attention, then the cost of care can quickly spiral out of control. The emotional toll of bodily injury can leave you stressed, confused and unavailable to those close to you. If someone’s negligence contributed to your injuries, then that person may be required to compensate you for the harm they caused. A Fairfield personal injury attorney from our firm can help you hold negligent parties accountable for your injuries and other losses.

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Verdicts and Settlements

$4.5 Million

A parts salesman had 2 fingers amputated when a Jelly Belly employee directed him to equipment with an unguarded chain and sprocket.


A rear-end collision resulted in a fractured spine.


A driver pulls out to turn left in front of a motorcycle. The motorcycle driver crashes into the car and suffers several broken bones and a brain injury.


A bicyclist was hit in the intersection by a driver making a left turn. He required multiple surgeries on his broken ankle.

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Practice Areas

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Auto Accident

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Truck Accident

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Wrongful Death

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Motorcycle Accident

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Slip and Fall


Photo of Personal Injury Attorney Benjamin Scott

Benjamin Scott

I took a different road to becoming an attorney. When I first graduated from college, I wanted to work in a job that allowed me to help people, so I naturally went into the teaching profession. I absolutely loved teaching high school

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Photo of Personal Injury Attorney ROBERT E. BARNETT

Robert E. Barnett

Mr. Barnett has retired from the practice of law and now enjoys traveling, spending time with his family, and skiing. He practiced law in Solano County from 1969 to 2014 and helped thousands of injury victims throughout his career.

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