Law Offices of Barnett, Bennett, & Scott LLP: Experienced Injury Attorneys: $4.7M Sample Case

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Benjamin Scott an attorney with the Barnett and Bennett, law firm here in Fairfield, California, and I want to talk to you about a case that we recently took to trial and received a 4.7 million dollar verdict for one of our clients. This is a case against Jelly Belly Candy Company a large corporation here in Fairfield, and this was a case in which our client was called in to inspect one of the machines there and as he was inspecting it they failed to guard it as required and they failed to turn off the machine. And as a result of it he had lost two of his fingers. This has caused a tremendous amount of pain and suffering in his life and in his family’s life, and as you’re going through something like that as you’ve been injured because of somebody else’s wrongdoing, it can be really hard to go against a large corporation and go against all of the things that they’re going to do. And that’s why you need somebody who has that experience and has that ability to protect your rights and ensure that you do get compensated for the harm that someone has cost you. And, if you have any concerns about your injury, then we’re here to help. Please visit us on our website at and give us a call to find out more information.