Fairfield Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ben Scott from the Barnett and Bennett, law firm. I want to talk today about medical malpractice. Now medical malpractice is a case in which somebody is suing a doctor or a hospital. And some people think that any time something goes wrong the doctor must have done something wrong. That’s not entirely true. We  now that sometimes doctors do the best they can, and they don’t always get a good result for their patient. Sometimes things go wrong, and there are certain risks that can’t be avoided. But, we also know that there are rules in place that doctors are supposed to follow, and we expect our doctors to follow these rules. We expect our doctors to perform the safest procedure that they know how to do, and for this reason, doctors can be liable if they are negligent. Now a doctors negligence is a little different from anybody else’s. There’s something in the medical field than in the legal field we call the standard of care. This standard of care basically means that if a doctor doesn’t do what a normal doctor would do in a situation, he’s fallen below that standard of care or he’s negligent, and sometimes that can be pretty hard to prove. Another difficult thing with a medical malpractice case is that these cases are always going to involve medical experts, and so these cases can be very expensive to try. It’s very difficult for someone to be able to handle that type of case on their own.