Fairfield California Lawyer answers your question: “Do I have a case?”

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ben Scott from the Barnett and Bennet law firm, and I want to answer a question today which is one of the most common questions people have when they go and see a personal injury attorney. And that question is do I have a case. Now although every case is different and sometimes there’s a lot of questions to answer to figure out if there’s a case or not, most of the time there are just two simple questions. The first is did somebody do something wrong, and the second is did you get hurt because of that. Now some people will come in and say they got hurt and so they should get paid because they were hurt, but the law says you can’t recover money from somebody just because you happen to get hurt. It’s tragic and it’s sad nobody wants to deal with that, but the law only says that if somebody actually did something wrong and caused that harm only then can you recover something from them. And of course the next question we have to answer is you know did you really get hurt? Sometimes we see people that do things that are just ridiculous or unsafe or stupid, but unless that conduct actually harmed you in any way there’s not much of a case there. And so if you have been hurt because somebody else did something wrong, okay go and see an attorney find out there’s something that can be done to help you.