3 Free Apps to Track Your Kids’ Whereabouts on Halloween

Do your kids want to trick-or-treat with friends this year? Perhaps they want to go to a friend’s neighborhood across town. Letting them go without you could feel scary, but it doesn’t have to. While calling or texting are valid options, chances are they will be too busy snagging candy to respond to your messages right away. You have some options:

App #1: Life360

The Life360 app integrates location and communication on iOS and Android devices. The app does include a messaging feature, but rather than waiting for your kids to message you back, you can simply look at their real-time location as well as their location history. If you have preprogrammed specific destinations into the app, then you will receive alerts when they arrive and leave. You can also set up emergency alerts, so you’ll be notified if they need help.

This app constantly tracks your kids’ locations, so it has been found to use a lot of battery life. A quick fix could be to change the real-time location interval, so it does not constantly track location.

App #2: Glympse

Glympse works on iOS and Android devices. Glympse stands apart from Life360 because you don’t have to install the app on your phone to keep track of your kids. Once you install the app on their phone, you can enter your phone number or e-mail address to track their whereabouts. A link will be sent to your contact information and you can open it on your web browser whenever you want to check on them.

This app will not continuously refresh your child’s location, so it does not use as much battery life. However, you will have to update their location manually by clicking on the provided link.

App #3: Trusted Contacts

Trusted Contacts also works on iOS and Android devices. Like Life360, this app will give you a general idea of the battery life left on your child’s phone. It will also let you know when your child was last active on their phone. Though you can use real-time location with this app, it will use up battery life. What’s different about this app? You can request their location. If your child does not respond to you within a certain timeframe, like five minutes, then the app will automatically share their location with you, even if their phone is offline.

From Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP, Happy Halloween! Our attorneys represent clients with personal injury cases in Solano County, California, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today for more information.

Five Important Facts About Personal Injury Cases

Contact our attorneys for helpPersonal injury law is a broad legal practice area that may encompass car crashes, slip-and-fall accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, wrongful death and product liability. This is by no means an exhaustive list of examples. These are cases where a person (or group of people) is hurt physically, emotionally or mentally by the wrongful actions of one or more parties.

Other important facts about personal injury cases include:

  1. We take cases on a contingency fee basis. Personal injury attorneys do not charge you by the hour. You do not have to be wealthy to hire us. Our law firm takes cases on a “contingency fee basis.” We front the costs that are necessary to prove the merits of your case. This could include hiring accident reconstruction experts and compiling evidence through other means. Instead of paying attorneys’ fees up-front, a pre-negotiated percentage is taken out of any settlement or verdict. You do not owe fees unless we successfully recover compensation.
  2. There is a statute of limitations. You only have a certain amount of time to seek damages against the party or parties responsible for your injuries or loss. Although there are exceptions, the “statute of limitations” is generally two years for California personal injury cases. Our attorneys could inform you of any exceptions to the statute of limitations for your situation.
  3. Our personal injury attorneys can review your situation at no cost. It does not cost you money to call our office for help. We could listen to what happened and may inform you of which legal options (if any) are available for your situation. Our attorneys provide free consultations to everyone, regardless of your income or lack thereof.
  4. Multiple people could be at fault for a single claim. Personal injury lawsuits may name multiple defendants. These are parties that are being sued for damages they have allegedly caused to the plaintiff or plaintiffs. Truck accident cases may name multiple parties. For instance, the truck driver and his or her employer could be held accountable for damages.
  5. California is a comparative fault state. If your case goes to trial, California’s comparative fault rules could affect the amount you receive in compensation. Comparative fault means that your recovery could be reduced if you were partially at fault for what occurred. This is not to be confused with “contributory negligence”, where you could not receive any recovery if you were partially at fault.

Out Attorneys Can Answer Questions About Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in California

We only briefly summarized the aspects of filing a personal injury lawsuit in California. If you have further questions about your eligibility for filing a personal injury claim, please call our attorneys at (707) 425-0671 or describe your situation on our online case review form.

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