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Product liability is a legal mechanism whereby designers, manufacturers, sellers and distributors of a defective product are liable in tort for damage and injuries resulting from the failure of the product. Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firm Concord wrongful death attorney have been specializing in cases involving wrongful death caused by medical devices and defective products.

Defective products can cause death or injury to a loved one and can be held liable:

Defective medical devices, automobiles, parts, children products, consumer electronics, household appliances, machinery, airbags and tires.Defects from design, manufacturing, road design, hidden or latent. Failure to warn, seat belt failure, industrial equipment and crib recalls are just a few.

It is imperative you contact an attorney that is experienced and knowledgeable in evidence preservation in product liability cases. At Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firm has attorneys that represented clients that have suffered wrongful death due to negligence. Many deaths could have been prevented if the products have been tested thoroughly or had adequate warnings.

Compassionate and Knowledgeable Services

Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firm has helped countless families mourn and receive compensation from the companies that are responsible for their loved ones death. If a loved one has been catastrophically injured or killed by a defective product, contact Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firm to speak with a Concord wrongful death attorney and receive a free consultation to protect your legal rights and preserve evidence.

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