A woman was run over on February 10, 2015 in San Francisco near the South of Market neighborhood. Apparently, the woman and a man were engaged in an argument when the woman tried to get into the man’s car. The man drove off and ran over the woman. She was transported to the local hospital with life-threatening injuries. The man broke her leg and caused serious head trauma. Police have not made any arrests at this time. The case is still under investigation.

This woman could easily press charges against the man in a criminal case. She could also pursue civil action in a personal injury case. Generally, personal injury cases involving cars will also involve the driver’s insurance company, and the insurance company is the actual entity that will end up paying the claim. However, in situations such as this, where the driver may have run over the woman on purpose, insurance coverage may not apply. Insurance will not cover situations where the driver intentionally caused an injury or an accident. That means that if the woman does pursue a personal injury case, the man will have to pay for any damages awarded out of pocket, including those for pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical bills, and any other damages.

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Source: http://www.kcra.com/news/woman-run-over-by-car-in-san-francisco-seriously-injured/31192018