According to many national recording data sources, personal injuries do tend to rise in the spring months. This can be attributed to two main causes. They both have to do with the need that people feel to increase activities as a reaction to being slowed during the winter months. Spring is a powerful and welcoming season for people to get outside, revisit favorite activities, and explore new ones.

Domestic Personal Injuries During the Spring

As the weather becomes warmer, people rediscover their love for outdoor activities. This involves climbing ladders to inspect homes for winter wear, restarting a vehicle repair project, and using a host of yard and property care machinery. Inevitably, these activities will present new levels of risk and danger, but the need to be active compels people to get active with a great deal of abandon. Human versus machine injuries increase in the spring months because the sheer volume of risky activity skyrockets. A few winter months shouldn’t make people forget about safety measures when it comes to operating common tools and machines, but the injuries still happen.

Spring Break Accidents and “Party Fails”

The most obvious reason for spring personal injuries is the quest for fun. The most noticeable increases in injuries during this time period is in the teen and twenties age groups. As many people can guess, spring break festivities present many opportunities for taking immense personal risks. These age groups have a staggering level of DUI and intoxication-related incidents that seem to rise in volume each year.

Numbers of injuries directly tied to young people enjoying spring break have steadily risen over the past decade. Party opportunities are more prevalent, and the personal barriers that keep young people from making mistakes seems to be decaying at an alarming rate. Though recreational injuries can happen all year long, springtime seems to be the season for the majority of many personal injury incidents and reports.

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