Contingency fees allow people to have access to justice and the courts even when they do not have the money to pay a lawyer.

Getting justice can be expensive. When someone hurts you because of their bad actions, they will not immediately pay for all of your harms. Sometimes, you have to go to court. Going to court can be expensive and difficult. Fortunately, there are 2 ways to get your day in court.

The first is only for those who can afford it. Some people can afford paying an attorney expensive hourly fees, paying for all of the court fees, and paying for experts to review the case and testify. In some cases, people will pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to have their day in court. Most people cannot afford this door to the courthouse.

There is another way that allows all people to get justice even when they cannot afford to pay all of the expenses of going to trial. This is the contingency fee. In a contingency fee, the lawyer decides to take a case without taking any money up front. The lawyer will pay for experts, pay all of the court fees, and pay all other costs of the case. The attorney will not receive any payment until the case is won. Once the attorney wins a case at trial or reaches a settlement with the other side, he will receive reimbursement for all of the costs and will get a percentage of the judgment or settlement.

So what happens if you lose? If you lose, you don’t need to pay your attorney anything. The attorney takes a risk when taking your case on a contingency fee and will bear the cost if you are not successful.

At the Barnett, Bennett, & Scott LLP, we handle our cases on a contingency fee. This means that if you have a case, you can get justice. If we cannot win or settle your case, then we will not collect a fee from you.