Black Friday is regarded as the first traditional day of the holiday shopping season and stores use that to their advantage. However, it is also historically a dangerous day. If stores do not have solid safety plans in place, overcrowding can become hazardous. If you plan to participate in Black Friday shopping this year, be aware of the following accidents:

Slips, trips and falls: Depending on the weather, shoppers could track in water on their shoes from rain. Water could create slippery floors at the store’s entrance and throughout the aisles. If the water is not dealt with accordingly, shoppers could slip and injure themselves. Warning signs should be placed around wet floors. With the large number of shoppers, loose mats or torn carpets could result in tripping too.

Be aware of chemical spills or food and drink spills. With people grabbing for items, you can expect to see them.

Trampling: Though uncommon, trampling has occurred on Black Friday and has resulted in serious injury and even death. Door buster deals might seem like a good reason to be at the front of the crowd, but you could be at risk of being trampled. Once the doors open, shoppers behind you will be on a mission to get inside as quickly as possible.

Falling merchandise: During large sales, merchandise and extra stock is typically packed onto shelves. If boxes and merchandise have been placed in a hurry, they could easily fall once shoppers start taking items or bump into shelves. If an item is heavy enough and falls off the shelf, it could land on top of a shopper and cause serious body or head injuries.

Additionally, if an item is out of your reach or there is a sign that tells you to ask for assistance, ask an employee to get it for you. Do not risk it yourself.

Altercations with other shoppers: Black Friday deals and lack of sleep can get the best of people. Unfortunately, the horror stories are true. People have been injured from shopping cart altercations, pepper spray, fist fights and weapons during Black Friday. Stay alert and mindful of the shoppers around you and avoid shoving or pushing. You don’t know who you could be dealing with. That Black Friday deal is not worth an assault charge.

Have You Been Injured on a Store’s Premises?

Store owners and operators have a responsibility by law to keep their premises safe for shoppers. This includes keeping walkways clear of spills and managing crowding of their stores.

If you or someone you love is injured on a store’s property, you could have a viable claim to recover compensation. Contact the premises liability attorneys at Barnett, Bennett, & Scott LLP to discuss your situation. We could help you understand your rights under the law, determine who is at fault for your injuries and discuss your legal options.

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