On Monday, March 16, 2015, a Loyalton man was killed in a cab crash in Fairfield. The cab, a Ford Crown Victoria, was traveling approximately 60 to 65 miles per hour on Interstate 680 northbound at the time of the collision. The crash occurred at about 1:05 a.m. The victim was pronounced dead at roughly 1:33 a.m.

The cab driver lost control of the vehicle, and it traveled to the right and off of the roadway. Then, the car became airborne and flipped. There were three people in the car at the time, the driver and two passengers; all of them were wearing their seatbelts prior to the collision. The cab sustained significant damage and the driver’s airbag deployed.

The driver seems to have injured his hip and the other passenger has a dislocated left hip, broken left arm, and a serious cut on his head. The driver and the other passenger were transported to the NorthBay Medical Center. There have been no arrests related to this crash.

In one-vehicle crashes, the driver is usually responsible for failing to maintain control of the vehicle. That also means that he passengers can sue the driver for failure to maintain control. In this case, one passenger can sue for his injuries and the other passenger’s family can sue for the wrongful death of their loved one.

Cases that involve common carriers like cabs or buses are slightly different because these drivers have a higher responsibility to be sure that their passengers are safe. That also means that the passengers can sue the cab company as well as the driver. The damages involved in these types of cases can help with, for example, medical expenses, funeral expenses, and pain and suffering.

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Source: http://www.thereporter.com/general-news/20150317/loyalton-man-victim-in-fatal-crash