Antioch Truck Accident Attorney

Antioch Truck Accident Attorney

Often Truck accidents may be much more complicated than mere auto accidents. They involve multiple parties, companies and entities that could be held liable for resulting injuries and loss due to negligence. With all the complexities with a truck accident claim, seeking an experienced Antioch truck accident attorney is vital to protecting oneself and getting back on track.

Proven Experience

The most important aspect of seeking an attorney is understanding their specific personal injury experience. Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firm has over 30 years experience handling complicated claims, such as accidents involving commercial vehicles and 18 wheelers. Our Attorneys understand the details and interactions necessary for helping injured clients get reimbursed for medical costs and damages due to employers, negligent drivers and even maintenance companies involved.
Our attorneys have access to experts who can fully investigate truck accident aspects such as personnel finances and other resources. In turn revealing important details that can help clients with compensation on their long road to recovery.


Insurance companies that represent trucking companies are quick to begin their investigations and usually have their clients’ interests first. Comprehending their representatives and various tactics is an important part of protecting the client’s best interest. Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firms Antioch truck accident attorney have the experience necessary to represent clients and their family members who have been involved in a trucking accident to find who was negligent in an accident.

Barnett, Bennett & Scott LLP Law Firm has the resources to hold drivers responsible for carelessness and negligent companies leading to a commercial wreck. With High traffic throughout California and Antioch region its imperative that truck companies and employees are following regulations and safety standards in an effort to protect others on the road.

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